Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Where are the Words...

Before I began my year abroad, I had grand plans of writing about all my adventures.  I planned to sit and write each day's events, wrapping them in witty descriptions about my latest encounters with the natives of the country I was in.  Then reality set in, and I had to remind myself of how lazy I can be, and the idea of writing about my daily life became a chore that would take to much energy to keep I never started a blog...until now.  Too much has happened in the past two weeks that I have spent in Seville for me to not dedicate at least ten minutes of my time describing it.  My expectations for this blog are as follows (they are in order from most to least likely to occur):

1.)Only my mother and I will read this blog.
2.)I will often forget that I have started a blog and thus forget to post.
3.)I will reference people, places, and things so obscure and random that no one will know what I'm talking about.
4.)I will only rarely forget to post...
5.)One of my friends will comment on my blog, prompting others to comment, leading to a mass facebook following of my blog.
6.)I will win a fancy award for blogs.

These are my expectations and/or dreams, you may laugh or scoff, I don't really care because I can't hear you.

Anyway, back to the occurrence that prompted me to start this blog.  I had been feeling guilty for not chronicling my awesome experiences up to this point, but nothing so dramatic/awesome/weird happened to actually make me put fingertips to keyboard...until tonight.

I am currently studying abroad in Seville, Spain.  I live with my host mom, who is really a host sister but that entire topic is for another post altogether, and her father. Tonight, I was eating dinner with my host mom/sis when her grandmother decided to stop by and drop off some food and, from what I could gather from her rapid spanish, some sweatpants she bought from some Chinese people around the corner.  I had just been telling my host mom/sis about this girl in my Spanish grammar class who is switching to another homestay because her host mom does not feed her well.  When my host mom/sis shared this information with her grandmother, her grandma said something along the lines of it not being so bad to eat a lot of soup because then you won't get fat.  She then proceeded to lift up her shirt to give a visual of how easy it is to get fat when you don't take care to eat a lot soup.  At first I was startled because I had only known the woman for five seconds, and from what I understand, although two kisses on the cheeks are normal over here, baring ones stomach to strangers isn't a normal "first meeting" activity.

What also startled me was the fact that the elderly woman seemed to have forgotten to put on a bra, so when she lifted her shirt, she flashed some boob.  I tried and barely succeeded to play it cool, and I'm sure my host mom/sis saw my discomfort, and she quickly urged her grandmother to put her shirt down.  But the grandma seemed to enjoy my discomfort and she lifted her shirt up higher asking why was it such a big deal, all three of us have boobs (or "tetas" as she called them).  I just started laughing hysterically because I didn't really know why this woman was showing me her naked body to prove a point about soup, and then I excused myself and retired to my room to start this blog.

I am both excited and frightened that this is but one in a series of weird/hilarious events that will occur during my time here in Sevilla.  I already have another odd story that I could share, but honestly setting this blog up took a little effort and I have three essays to write for tomorrow, so I'm done for now.

I don't know when my next blog post will be or what it will be about because I'm not that organized but, I will try to make my next post within a reasonable time frame, but no promises!

Thanks for reading.

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